Welcome to EngageSportMode.com

The aim is very simple; to celebrate the joy of all things automotive and the pleasure of driving anything, be it fast or slow, cheap or expensive, new or old.

We’re not here to take over the world, but just to share our own individual slant on motoring and motorsport, plus giving writers a platform to share their work. ESM’s philosophy is that the best writing is that done by people who enjoy doing it, and have the individual freedom to choose what to write about.

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  1. sophie shardelow says:

    Hi John ,
    Nice to meet you on Saturday ! Great Blog …I understand why you picked Roadhouse! My uncle has a Firebird and built his own Ferrai 🙂 I’m going to pass your blog on to him I think he’d really enjoy it !

    Hope you all had fun and got home safe !
    Well done and good luck with the blog too.


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