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A Girl Writes – It’s a Boy/Girl Thing Part II

Tonight, ESM’s opionated Other Half returns with a second article discussing the touchy subject of “girl’s cars” and shows us some notable, yet respectable, examples.

It’s a Boy/Girl Thing – Part II

Girls Car

When I wrote my last post I felt it important to establish the criteria of a “girl’s car” and why certain models were branded as such. I can appreciate why the term “girl’s car” exists but as highlighted in my previous article, there are usually good, practical reasons for the car choices a lot of women make. Maybe it’s because statistically, woman aren’t really bothered what’s under the bonnet. But what if they actually are? What if the idea of owning an impractical fuel guzzler, depleting your bank balance at a rate of knots, is ludicrous in these financial times? With tail end of the recession still looming over our heads, why not own an economical car to get you from A to B? Yes typically women may make up the majority of that demographic, but what’s to stop a man proudly owning and driving one? You may get lynched by your petrol head mates for owning one of these, but for daily commutes, city driving and family business, surely these are an obvious choice?

So based on this eureka moment, here are a few examples that fall into the category of the small, cheap and economical “girl’s cars” that aren’t too embarrassing to drive:

1. Peugeot 107 – 1.0 litre, 68 bhp, 65.6 mpg (combined), 99g/km CO2

Peugeot 107 001

First and foremost, this city car is cheap to buy, cheap to run and even those with the spatial awareness of an Audi driver could park it with ease. Thanks to the low CO2 emissions, you need never fork out for road tax and the mpg is not to be sniffed at. With basic models in the region of £8k – £9k new, it’s a definite contender. (more…)

A Girl Writes – It’s a Boy/Girl Thing

In the first of her articles for EngageSportMode, ESM’s OH discusses whether or not there is such a thing as a “girl’s car”.
During ESM’s recent and well documented quest for his new investment, there have been mutterings, generally from ESM’s Mate Steve, about “girl’s cars” and which models ESM should avoid, lest he be branded as owning such. But what on earth is a “girl’s car” and why are certain models labelled with this gender stereotype? Granted there will be certain models that were designed with the fairer sex in mind but, to my limited knowledge, this label is just a chauvinistic outlook on underpowered and boring cars.

Now, I am a girl. Does this therefore mean that due to my sex I am destined to a life of small practical cars, housing tiny engines with fewer horses than a budget beef burger? Can I not be trusted to responsibly own and operate a more exciting car? Just to clarify this is not me having a feminist rant. I completely agree that many female drivers should not be allowed anywhere near a car, much less drive one, and I frequently find myself ranting like a lunatic on my daily commute about “stupid, bloody, women drivers”. But why should the poor unsuspecting vehicle have to suffer the detrimental label? Well let’s find out. Is there such a thing as a “girl’s car” or is it just a fictitious motoring swear word? (more…)