Crap Cars I Like

Crap Cars I Like #2 – 1992 to 1998 Mk3 Golf GTi

If the first CCiL feature involved cruelly berating an essentially well liked and positively received car for its poor sales, then this one will certainly make amends. The Mk3 Golf GTi was always destined to be universally unloved and unwelcomed by the motoring press and the wider car buying public. Following in the footsteps of the iconic Mk1 and the even more legendary Mk2 (widely acknowledged as the hot-hatch) the Mk3 was always going to have its back against the wall. But when it emerged from the Wolfsburg factory doors in the early 90’s the disappointment for GTi enthusiasts was perhaps even more profound than expected. For a start, just look at it compared to its older brothers:

“Are we seriously all related?”

Under the pressures of the demands for better safety measures, greater refinement and stricter pollution controls the Mk3 left VW with a number of competing demands. (more…)

Crap Cars I Like #1 1997 to 2001 Honda Prelude

I’ll be honest, this is a slightly inauspicious start for the Crap Cars I Like feature. Labelling the 5th generation Honda Prelude as “crap” is possibly a little bit strong, and does disservice to a rather commendable car. But then again, just look at it:

Yawn, wake me up when we reach the other side

Buying a coupe should be an episode in taking the stylish route in favour of practicality; aesthetics over boot apertures, looks over legroom. But in designing the 5th gen Prelude this seemingly went out the window in the Honda drawing office. Existing against competition such as the rakish Fiat Coupe, the new edge Ford Cougar or even the previous Prelude model, this one just looks a little…limp? It might part way explain why this version only sold around 60% of the numbers its older brother managed, and also why Honda didn’t bother to replace it.

I’m lost for words….lost in a sea of blandness