EngageSportMode Awards 2014 – Part One

With the clock running down on 2014, it’s time for EngageSportMode to bring you our annual awards. Who has performed well enough to earn a coveted macaroni and glitter trophy this year? Part one focuses on road cars, whilst part two will include motorsport and media. Let’s get down to business: 2014 seemed to be the…

The 640 bhp 200 mph 2016 Cadillac CTS-V

2014 will probably be remembered for many things, but for EngageSportMode, it’s going to be the year when American car manufacturers decided to go all out in the search for cars with ridiculous horsepower. But, after the Dodge Hellcat twins, is 640 bhp enough in this day and age? Six hundred and forty horsepower, in a four-door saloon sedan….