Focus ST

New Ford Focus ST to debut at Goodwood Festival of Speed

You know it, we love the Ford Focus ST here at EngageSportMode. So much so that we awarded the ST Mountune Estate the prestigious ESM ‘best car driven in 2013‘ prize earlier this year. So news of a new one has got us understandably excited.


Excited, and in suspense, as so far Ford is keeping tight-lipped about the revised Focus ST. Obviously, the enhancements and changes from the recently facelifted regular Focus should all be present, but that’s about all we know so far. Oh, other than the fact there’s going to be a diesel ST for the first time!

With over 140,000 Focus ST models sold worldwide, it’s pretty big deal for Ford, especially on the back of the success of the mighty Fiesta ST. So expectations are high, and if you’re at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on Friday you’ll get the chance to see the new car in the flesh. Based on the teasing video Ford has released, it sounds pretty naughty:

Most important thing from that video? The fact Tangerine Scream paintwork is still there. Excellent! There’ll also be the chance to see the new Mustang for the first time at Goodwood, along with a real vs. digital challenge on Ford’s special Gran Turismo 6 simulators.

We’ll bring you all the news on the revised Focus ST as we get it, along with updates from Goodwood.

Hot Rods @ The MetroCentre 08/08/2012

The MetroCentre is known for lots of things; being the biggest shopping centre in the UK, having a huge 3D IMAX screen in its Odeon cinema and for not actually being connected to the Tyne & Wear Metro. But as a meeting place for some of the North East’s finest American and classic cars? This was news to my ears.

Hot Rods, as it is known, has been running for a number of years despite various attempts to stop it happening. The second Wednesday of every month during the summer sees a range of American muscle, classic British and anything and everything in between descend on the retail park. Following a tip-off from a petrolhead colleague, I decided to head down and take a look what all the commotion was about.

Naturally, I left the Polo a fair distance away and walked over. Wandering through the car park leading towards Toys-R-Us and McDonald’s (those two American icons) it was obvious something car-related was going down. The revving of engine, the smell of exhaust fumes and the random performance and modified cars dotted around signalled we had hit the right place. With such an array of motoring delights on offer, it’s perhaps easiest to let the pictures do the talking.

What I liked most about the meet was that various types, genres and ages of car mixed in together without prejudice or discrimination. As a casual observer, it was inspiring to see muscle car, Mini Cooper, Mazda MX-5 and others lined up together. It seemed more a celebration of enthusiasts, rather than a clique built around one marque or model. If you happen to be in the area next time it’s on, I would wholeheartedly recommend stopping by.