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2012 EngageSportMode Awards (Part One)

After a long twelve months, the time has finally come to hand out the infamous EngageSportMode ‘macaroni and glitter’ trophies to this year’s award winners. It may now be 2013, but cast your mind back (a few days) to last year.

Despite the world’s ongoing financial problems, the ever-present environmental lobby and the ridiculous price of fuel, 2012 still managed to be an enjoyable year for motoring enthusiasts. In addition, representing a three-fold increase on 2011, ESM now has six (!) awards to dish out.

With so many awards, the ceremony has been split into two parts. So, without further delay, are the first three winners.

Best Car Driven in 2012 Award

The long running saga of potentially buying a new car has provided me with a number of different vehicles to try over the past year. But there was one which stood out amongst everything else in 2012 as being the most complete automotive package. Ladies and Gentleman, I give you the Audi A1 1.4 TFSI:


Ignoring the fact I haven’t bought one – due to Tyneside Audi’s refusal to negotiate on price – the A1 was a superb vehicle, and one I enjoyed immensely when I tested it at the end of November. (more…)