Volkswagen Jetta

Opinion – Why the Volkswagen Jetta should be missed

The recently departed ‘Golf with a boot’ deserves more recognition says ESM’s editor.

Volkswagen Jetta Mk7

Last week’s news that the Jetta saloon would not longer feature on Volkswagen’s UK price list was hardly met with grief and distress. Nobody will be building statues to commemorate its passing, and no national day of mourning will be declared. Yet I think the humble Jetta deserves a better legacy than what it currently has.

Volkswagen Jetta Mk7

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the ‘other Volkswagen saloon’ has bitten the dust in the UK. Four-door versions of C-segment hatchbacks have always been a relatively niche market, with neither Ford nor Vauxhall offering saloon versions of the Focus or Astra respectively.

Volkswagen Jetta Mk7

The constant march of the crossover SUV won’t have helped, with a sensible sedan never going to win in a battle of desirability against the Tiguan or new T-Roc. (more…)

New Volkswagen Jetta – UK Prices and Specs

After one American-market orientated four-door, comes another, with a little less power than yesterday’s Dodge. The Volkswagen Jetta often gets a raw deal in the UK, being seen – unfairly – as the poor relation of the Golf, with resulting landslide-like depreciation. But, as two EngageSportMode contributors will attest, it’s a hugely underrated car. Will the latest revised version do anything to change the Jetta’s reputation? 

2014 Volkswagen Jetta 001

Volkswagen isn’t exactly known for radical mid-lifecycle facelifts (see the New Polo for example) but the revised Jetta must surely be one of the subtlest in a long time. We’re not lying when we said we had to double-check that it’s definitely a new car in these photos, because even we were struggling to spot the differences.

Aimed at making the Jetta more aerodynamically efficient – by some 10% in fact – the reprofiled bumper and new grille are the changes up front. At the back, a new boot lid incorporates a somewhat Audi-like lip spoiler, which continues down into the wings. Updated tail lights and tweaked rear bumper complete the minor cosmetic update.

2014 Volkswagen Jetta 002

Inside… well. There’s new steering wheel designs!! Oh, and don’t forget updated trim and upholstery options; please contain your excitement. Unfortunately Volkswagen haven’t released pictures of the interior, so you’ll have to stay in suspense for now. (more…)