ESM is on a train

Right now ESM is on a train heading to Glasgow. In Scotland. Which is a lot like going to a foreign country; the money is different and the language is almost impossible to understand.

As a rule I tend to avoid public transport. I dislike having to stop and wait for everyone else to get on/get off. I dislike that you have no control over who you’ll be sitting next to, which can lead to dealing with dog food-esque smells (which I’m experiencing right now). And I also dislike how bloody expensive it is unless you book in the 12 minute “advance” window.

But saying that I’ve done car journeys to Glasgow before and it takes forever. The only highlight being the forest which has been grown into the shape of a penis near the motorway. It also means not worrying about parking, about getting lost on the M8 or dealing with service stations not wanting to take Scottish notes when back across the border.

It also means I got to see Edinburgh castle, I think, whilst sitting here writing this. Surely that’s worth the ticket price alone?

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