A Further Update on Italian Week

After the Alfa Romeo-fest which the previous post turned into, I felt the need to redress the balance in favour of other marques from the boot-shaped state.

I had to include this car somewhere, as it transported me back to a time long forgotten; before the dominance of the internets, twitter and public opinion in the form of online car forums. No, it isn’t a classic Ferrari, Maserati or Lamborghini. It’s this:

Whilst trawling Pistonheads to find the stuff to write about below, I stumbled into the Fiat Cinquecento section. “Section” is possibly the wrong word to use as, if you take a look for yourself, it’s actually the only Cinquecento for sale on Pistonheads at present. There are actually more Ferrari 288 GTOs (2) or Apollo Gumperts (2) advertised for sale than tiny Fiat city cars. The mind boggles.

Regardless, this little bundle of Italian joy shares something in common with the two exotics named above; forced induction. As the owner proudly states on the advert, this Cinquecento has been subject to a “turbo conversion” and a myriad array of other modifications. Curiously no actual mention is made of the base engine used for the conversion, or how much horsepower is now spinning away at those front tyres. I’d like to imagine that anything over 75bhp is probably enough in a Cinquecento without the mention of brake or suspension upgrades. However, in true Max Power style it does have green and gold (more so brown) “flick” paint on the outside, bucket seats and harnesses on the inside and a quite elaborate stereo installation in the boot/area where the back seats used to be. Subtle this thing is not. I do have to admit the boot build is actually quite well done:

£2,550 is a lot of money for a Fiat Cinquecento, especially one with questionable styling enhancements. But underneath – dependent on what that engine actually is – could be the mechanical basis for a superb little Q-car. Imagine a Focus ST driver being left trying to hang onto the boot of the car from the Inbetweeners?! Put the bodywork back to standard, paint the car yellow (with a red passenger door) and harass/humour other road users all day long. Sorted.

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