Friday Photo From the Archives #3

Continuing the Japanese theme for this week, here is another photo fresh from the archives. If by fresh you mean taken about two days ago:

This Nissan 350Z belongs to ESM’s Mate Dave who, whilst finding himself bored with a week off work, traded in his diesel Seat Leon FR for the tree-fiddy-zed.

Going from a frugal derv-powered hatchback, to a coupe powered by a naturally aspirated V6, has hit Dave hardest in his wallet. 287bhp doesn’t come without a corresponding thirst for unleaded! Although it has to be said, the 3.5 litre motor is a great sounding way to shred your hard earned cash.

This was the first time I’d been in a Zed, but it’s safe to say it felt easily as quick as the claimed 0-60mph time of 5.8 seconds. I was also impressed by the ride; despite wearing the GT pack Rays alloy wheels, it didn’t particularly thump or judder over Newcastle’s shoddy roads.

The interior has aged well since the 350Z’s introduction in 2003. However, the period BOSE stereo proved amusing by making me question the last time I saw a car with a cassette player:


We did discover that it’s also the perfect place to store an iPhone 4, should you so wish.

Overall, the 350Z is more modern muscle car than out and out sports car. But this isn’t to the big Zed’s discredit; it’s a wholesome, honest coupe with sonorous engine under the bonnet. And a tape deck.

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