Volkswagen’s Crazy Power-Pickup Amorak Concept

If you hadn’t noticed, and it has been kept well hidden, EngageSportMode is a little bit of a fan of Volkswagens. ESM also happens to be a fan of pickup trucks, stemming from a lifelong aim to own a Dodge Ram or other huge American truck. So the unveiling of the Amarok by VW a few years ago went a long way to satisfying both desires. The only downside was that, compared to US offerings, it was a little bit underpowered. Until now that is.

Perhaps calling a 2.0-litre diesel engine with twin-turbochargers underpowered is slightly harsh. It develops 180bhp and 300 lb ft of torque, shoving the regular 2.1 ton Amarok to 60mph in 11 seconds. Not bad for such a huge vehicle. However, VW have seemingly decided that this is not enough, and last week unveiled the wonderfully titled Power-Pickup Concept.

Shown at the huge Volkswagen gathering at Woerthersee in Austria, the Power-Pickup Concept improves on the 2.0TDI’s performance considerably. Packing a 3.0-litre V6 TDI engine under the bonnet, the Power-Pickup boasts an impressive 272bhp and an even more impressive 440 lb ft. This substantial kick up the backside is enough to propel the, presumably lighter, single-cab Amarok to 60 in 7.9 seconds! It’s also fair to say the Power-Pickup has the looks to make the most of its new firepower:

Being lowered by 80 mm on to those 22 inch rims gives the Amorak a serious stance on the ground, all contained by the widened wheelarches. A carbon fibre diffuser and twin exhaust add some muscle to the rear also. Inside leather bucket seats, a 500w subwoofer and a black, white and red theme make the Power-Pickup much more racing driver than farmer.

Apparently the Power-Pickup Concept is envisaged to be used as a support vehicle for a karting team, hence the rather full load-bed. Will it make production in some form? As much as ESM would like to think it will, this current economic climate probably isn’t conducive to a road-racing VW pickup, which is a huge shame. Plus the thought of GTI owners being harassed by pickups wouldn’t be ideal for Volkswagen I suspect!

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