Another off-road estate we can’t have

European buyers have the choice of a new off-road estate. But, just like with the Skoda Octavia Scout, UK fans are being denied to chance to drive a Mercedes-Benz C-Class All Terrain.

Mercedes C-Class All Terrain

EngageSportMode is a big fan of off-road capable estates. They bring all the practicality of an SUV, but without the questionable image associated with them. A win-win situation.

There is a slight problem, however. Namely the obsession British drivers have with SUVs, and the inclination of manufacturers to keep force-feeding them to customers. 

It means whilst European drivers will bask in the sunlit uplands of dirt-ready wagons, UK drivers will be denied them.

So do not get too excited about this new Mercedes-Benz C-Class All Terrain, should you happen to reside on the ‘wrong’ side of the Channel.

Mercedes C-Class All Terrain

Mercedes has taken the All Terrain concept, first used on the E-Class in 2017, and applied it to the smaller C-Class. 

It keeps the same formula of an increased ride height (40mm), a new front grille, bespoke bumpers, and matt grey protective exterior trim. An optional night package can change this to gloss black, but ESM would rather have vinyl woodgrain, thanks. 

Both four-cylinder petrol and diesel (remember them?) engines are on the options list, all fitted with 48-volt mild hybrid technology.

Mercedes C-Class All Terrain

Proving the C-Class All Terrain is not just about looks, 4Matic all-wheel drive comes fitted to all versions. Mated to a nine-speed automatic transmission, the All Terrain can send up to 45% of torque to the front wheels. 

Moving to the All Terrain model does little to change the practicality of the C-Class. With the rear seats up, there is 490-litres of space for stuff. Drop the seats, and capacity increases to a sizable 1,510 litres. 

An electronically deployable tow bar can be added, with a trailer manoeuvring assistant to make hooking up even easier. Having tried this in the E-Class All Terrain, ESM can confirm this is a good thing. Still can’t help us reverse with a trailer though…

Mercedes C-Class All Terrain

The interior benefits from the impressive MBUX multimedia system, with the choice of the lovely Sienna Brown upholstery, too. But not for us, of course.  

There is no official reason given for why the C-Class All Terrain will not be coming to British shores. But, we imagine it has something to do with UK customers being inclined to ram almost £600 a month into the hands of anyone who will give them a Mercedes GLC Coupe.

It all means the C-Class All Terrain joins the AMC Eagle and Skoda Octavia Scout as off-road estates ESM can’t buy. Sigh.

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