To All New Arrivals

ESM has noticed, through the rather handy WordPress statistics feature, that readership numbers have started to rapidly increase here. To put it into perspective, yesterday (Friday 06/07/12) ESM had more views on one day than for the whole of March. This is seemed is a good opportunity to point out the ways you can interact, follow and get…

Possible Uses For Yesterday’s £5k M5

I’m struggling to stop thinking about owning an E39 BMW M5, having seen the one featured in ICAT yesterday. To try and help with this, I found the following photos: And finally, this one: To be honest, these aren’t really helping. I need a 400bhp V8 supersaloon in my life.

The first rule of Engage Sport Mode

1.Do not allow yourself to be overtaken by someone driving a Toyota Prius It doesn’t matter what you drive. If you allow yourself to be overtaken by a Prius, you’re not trying hard enough. Prius owners are smug enough already. Do not further their smugness by letting them believe they have beaten you.