To All New Arrivals

ESM has noticed, through the rather handy WordPress statistics feature, that readership numbers have started to rapidly increase here. To put it into perspective, yesterday (Friday 06/07/12) ESM had more views on one day than for the whole of March. This is seemed is a good opportunity to point out the ways you can interact, follow and get in touch with EngageSportMode:

  • By leaving your views and opinions; comment/reply boxes are available at the bottom of every post. Share your thoughts, offer suggestions or praise/criticise.
  • Follow ESM on Twitter. The Twitter feed automatically posts links to every new website post, along with F1 “commentary” and random automotive humouring.
  • Check out the YouTube channel. The home of ESM’s own video footage along with favourited uploads from the rest of the internets.
  • You can “Like” EngageSportMode on Facebook, until it self-destructs and it’s replacement comes along.
  • Finally, you can subscribe for updates via good old fashioned email.

Links to Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are at the top of the page, whilst the email option is at the bottom of the home page.

If you happen to have an iPad, EngageSportMode has a rather impressive Onswipe feature which renders the website in a magazine style format. WordPress also supports mobile viewing on your iPhone or other smart phone.

So there you go, numerous ways to stay in the loop and enjoy ESM.

Feel free to leave a reply (no registration needed)

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