2016 Ferrari GTC4Lusso

Top Seven New Cars of 2016 | With Ned Jasper

Yeah, 2016 probably won’t go down as a vintage year in terms of global politics and current affairs. However, when it comes to new cars, it’s most certainly been a classic! As the man who has covered the biggest new releases for ESM this year, our man Ned Jasper picks his top seven.

Top 7 New Cars of 2016

Well, here it is. Christmas time 2016. That means festive tunes fill the airwaves, trees go up and presents are bought. That also means that it’s nearly the end of 2016. So let’s take a look back at some of the greatest new cars to come out this year. This is ESM’s top five new cars of 2016. Actually, it’s not. There were so many good contenders this year that we stretched it to seven! Yes, yes, I know I said that last year as well, but this year we really have had some rather special cars released. Here they are:

7. Porsche 718 Boxster S2016 718 Boxster SI know what you’re thinking. Great intro, best cars of 2016, and now I’m presenting you with a Porsche Boxster. What is going on? I had my reservations about this one too. This is the baby Porsche, only with fewer cylinders and a turbocharger. Not really a recipe for success is it? However, it’s been 11 months since this little gem was released and, I must say, it’s grown on me.

First, let’s talk about the heart of this little orange and black tiger. It’s down two cylinders from the previous model, but it’s up one turbo and a whole heap of power. What’s more, the Boxster S has a variable vane turbo – not necessarily something you would expect to find from this class of car.

So what about the rest of it? Underneath we have the same mid-engined, rear-wheel drive, sports car with a manual gearbox (PDK is available, too) that’s been entertaining drivers for nearly two decades. Despite the engine alterations, the recipe remains unchanged with superb handling and excellent composure. Only this time with a little more grunt. Well worthy of the number 7 spot.


6. McLaren 570GT2016 McLaren 570GT

You would think that with 562bhp, and a top speed of 204mph, the 570GT would undoubtedly be the fastest hatchback in the world. The thing is, it’s not even the fastest hatchback on this list – told you it was a good year! What the 570GT is, though, is a remarkable piece of British engineering. Not only is it a comfortable, usable supercar, it’s also stunningly good to look at, and actually practical.

First, the looks: unlike the other cars in the McLaren range, the 570GT is a little more mature. There’s no lurid paint and no stripped out interior on this show car. Instead we’ve got rich silver-grey paint, mixed with deep red leather. This car is, in my eyes, the best-looking McLaren of the lot. Now, I said it was a practical hatchback, and I wasn’t lying. In total, the 570GT has 370 litres of luggage space. Sure, it’s split between two different enclosures, but that’s still more space than a Ford Focus.

The 570GT is a remarkable piece of engineering and surely serves as proof that we’re living in a new age. No wonder McLaren has just churned out its 10,000th car!


New – Ferrari GTC4Lusso

Ferrari’s FF has tried hard to be the practical V12 supercar. But now there’s a revised version with even more power. Let Ned Jasper give you all the details, including that new name.

2016 Ferrari GTC4LussoThis is the Ferrari GTC4Lusso (great name by the way, but we’ll get to that later), and it’s Ferrari’s latest attempt to try and market their cars at people with a family. Or indeed the kind of chap who likes to go on long cross-continent road trips with their mates, carrying all of their belongings, and traveling at speed. As to whether this exceptionally wealthy family man, or continent-crossing playboy, actually exists is another matter. But don’t let that put you off.

2016 Ferrari GTC4LussoOn paper the GTC4Lusso appears to be a relatively sane car. It’s dripping with technology, has four large and no doubt comfortable seats, boasts a usable boot, and is pumped full of safety features. There’s ample air bags, all wheel drive, and even a new four-wheel steer system (previously seen in the F12 tdf). This however is not a ‘sane’ car; it’s a Ferrari. That means that at this beast heart lies that same 6.3 V12 only this time it’s pumping out a whopping 681 bhp. That’s 30 more than the old FF could muster. Not only that, the reworked engine now gives a chunk more torque as well; 514 lb-ft to be exact. All of which means that this prancing horse can now gallop from 0-62 mph in 3.4 seconds (0.3 quicker than the FF), and it’ll keep on accelerating to 208MPH. This is a “family” car, remember.

At first glance, the GTC4Lusso seems to look almost identical to the car it replaces. Look a little deeper, however, and you’ll find that in actual fact almost every panel on the new car is different. Most noticeable of these alterations are the sexy little wing vents (similar to the gills of a shark), and the new more pronounced rear haunches. The latter allows the GTC4Lusso to sink a little further into the pavement, whilst also gain a more menacing road presence. The new bonnet and front grilles which, especially in grey, make the car look a lot more agile and bring strong connotations of the immense power which is lurking underneath. Finally, the rear. In my eyes – I’ve no doubt you’ll agree – the back of this car looks absolutely stunning. The whole car is already the automotive equivalent of a stunning Italian supermodel, but the rear end, now that’s the standout feature for me. The mixture of sharp razor-edged creases, and smooth free-flowing curves, make it an absolute feast for any like-minded petrol head. (more…)