Friday Photo from the Archive #11

Big news at the minute is the unveiling of the BMW M4 Concept Coupe. More on that to follow on EngageSportMode, but for now here’s a photo featuring the M4’s predecessors.  This is one of my favourite M Car photos ever, featuring the beautiful Le Mans Blue E39 M5 and the, slightly blurry, Phoenix Yellow E46…

A BMW M5 and a horse

Whilst trawling the BMW media site for research on something else I’m writing, I came across the below picture: I’ll be honest, I have no idea what is going on there. Seemingly, neither does the rest of the internets, as my attempts to find out the story behind it came up with nothing. Oh well,…

BMW M6 Gran Coupe – Dial M for Marketing?

EngageSportMode has a little bit of a love/hate relationship with BMW. Hate is, probably, too strong a word. Instead try an underlying suspicion that it is selling its values up the river slightly. For every car such as the 1M Coupe, M135i or Z4 comes something like the X6, 5-Series GT or 6-Series Gran Coupe….

Possible Uses For Yesterday’s £5k M5

I’m struggling to stop thinking about owning an E39 BMW M5, having seen the one featured in ICAT yesterday. To try and help with this, I found the following photos: And finally, this one: To be honest, these aren’t really helping. I need a 400bhp V8 supersaloon in my life.

I Could Afford That / Classified Dreaming #4

It’s been a while since the last episode of ICAT/CD, mainly due to actually going out and buying real cars. But having owned the Polo for less than a month, ESM is intrinsically drawn back to the classifieds like a proverbial moth. This edition is, like the ham in my sandwich today, distinctly Bavarian in flavour….