McLaren P1

Pebble Beach 2015 | McLaren MSO 570S Coupé

It’s that time of year when British car manufacturers migrate to California to show off expensive custom creations at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. McLaren is back again this year, featuring a distinctively painted 570S.

2015 McLaren 570S Coupe by MSO 001According to McLaren, it’s categorically not purple. No, it’s officially painted in a colour described as ‘Mauvine Blue’ which, to us, sounds like a very Ron Dennis way of describing something in a more complicated way than necessary. So even though it looks like a bar of Dairy Milk, and has a name seemingly derived from a purple synthetic dye, it definitely isn’t purple, ok?

2015 McLaren 570S Coupe by MSOWhatever the McLaren Special Operations (MSO) team decide to call the hue of this 570S Coupé, it’s the car they’ve picked as one of their main attractions at Pebble Beach this year. It’s certainly more visually exciting that the sombre-toned P1 they brought along twelve months ago, at least. In addition, there will also be a ‘Ventura Orange’ version of the 570S supercar on show too. We’ve done our research, and Ventura Orange is 100% orange – ESM is confident of that.


Friday Photo – McLaren P1 GTR and McLaren F1 GTR

Compared to Ferrari, Lamborghini, or even Porsche, it’s easy to accuse McLaren of lacking a little bit of soul and passion at times. Their technical, logical, approach to road – and race – cars often leaves us a little cold. But, with the latest addition to the P1 stable, McLaren is trying to inject some passion with reference to a famous Le Mans racer.

2015 McLaren P1 GTR + 1995 McLaren F1 GTR 001This summer will mark the 20th anniversary of the McLaren F1’s racing debut in the 1995 BPR Global GT Series. This was after the F1’s creator, Gordon Murray, had finally given in to the pressure to allow the car to become a racer, despite his insistence it should be a road car only. Despite his apprehensions, the F1 GTR dominated the two short years for which the BPR Series existed; winning the championship both times. 1995 was more special, however, as the F1 also took an impressive win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, with McLarens filling four of the top five positions.

2015 McLaren P1 GTR + 1995 McLaren F1 GTR 002At this point, we should note that the colour scheme being used on the new P1 GTR obviously does mimic one of the F1s from that Le Mans success in ’95. Just not the winning one – that was predominantly black/grey, featuring sponsorship from a Japanese plastic surgery clinic. Seriously, we’re not kidding! Instead, the yellow and green Harrods sponsored car took third place, piloted by legendary drivers Andy Wallace, Derek Bell, and his son Justin. The choice of the last podium placing car makes a bit more sense now.

But, less Japanese cosmetics, and more new crazy powered hyper car. The standard P1 is already insanely fast, but McLaren has decided the world needs a track only version. To get one, you’ll need to join McLaren’s P1 Driver Programme – an exclusive club, which can only be likened to the Ferrari Client Test Driver idea. Essentially, lots and lots of money, plus many previous purchases might get you in.

2015 McLaren P1 GTR 01At only 50 kgs lighter than the regular P1, the GTR has hardly been on a crash diet. However, the roof panels and engine cover are now carbon fibre instead of glass, and there’s the addition of a perspex side windows and a titanium exhaust system. More obvious is the giant fixed rear wing in place of the usual adjustable version on the normal P1. Various extra aerodynamic additions help the P1 GTR cut through the air more effectively, and generate 10% more downforce than the road car. (more…)

2014 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance – McLaren P1 and 650S

Are you a British based car manufacturer? Do you have a “Spec Ops” division to crank out exclusively modified stuff? No? Then you’re clearly not trying hard enough. Regardless, McLaren Automotive will be making a big effort to demonstrate the work of its McLaren Special Operations team at the forthcoming Pebble Beach Automotive Week.

Pebble Beach is actually somewhat fitting for McLaren, as it is where the company launched its MSO department at the 2011 show, with a Volcano Orange MP4-12C. So for 2014, MSO has rolled out not one, but two special customised – probably should be customized on this occasion – McLaren products. 2014 Pebble Beach McLaren P1 005 First up is a unique example of the P1 hyper-car, ordered by a North American customer in this bespoke specification. Stirling Grey paintwork is matched with bare carbon fibre and a host of McLaren Orange coloured details, including brake calipers, badges and even the struts that support the rear wing. Inspired by the original McLaren F1, the engine bay is lined in 24 carat gold heatshields – you can see it surrounding the exhaust tailpipe too – with more bare carbon used on the rear bumper and diffuser.

All that glitters is probably gold.

All that glitters is probably gold.

Internally there’s a riot of carbon fibre and Alcantara, with virtually every surface finished in one of those two materials. The only exceptions being the McLaren Orange highlighting on various bits of switchgear, and the custom satin Nickel trim used on the air vents; a nod to the same material used on the exhaust system. (more…)

Friday Photo – McLaren 650S

After the madness of the P1 comes the next road car from Woking, set to sit above the MP4-12C in both price and performance.

McLaren 650S 001

Ahead of the full launch at the Geneva Motor Show next week, McLaren has now confirmed the details of its latest supercar the 650S. Making use of the same basic carbon fibre chassis and twin-turbo 3.8 litre V8 as the MP4-12C, the 650S gains styling details taken from the P1 hyper car. That V8 engine has its power increased to 650 PS (hence the name) and 500 lb-ft of torque, which is quite something in a car that has a dry weight of only 1,199 kgs! (more…)

McLaren P1 – Just How Fast Is It?

With the first car rolling off the swanky McLaren Production Centre assembly line, the Woking firm have finally revealed the Big Mac’s performance figures. As we’re sure you’ll agree, they’re pretty staggering.

McLaren P1 001

So, let’s get the headline grabbing figures out-of-the-way first:

  • 0-62 mph (100 km/h) in 2.8 seconds,
  • Top speed of 217 mph (350 km/h) – electronically limited,
  • 34.0 mpg on EU Combined cycle,
  • 194 g/km CO2.

Now read those first two statistics, and then compare them again to the second two. We’re talking about a hypercar that will hit 60 mph in under three seconds, yet can (technically) achieve fuel consumption no worse than a regular hot hatch! The P1’s eco-credibility doesn’t stop there; the electric motor enables the car to run for up to almost 7 miles on battery power alone, generating zero CO2 emissions when doing so. (more…)