rear view camera

Stealth and Safety

What car would a Ninja drive? Maybe a Nissan Skyline GT-R for some knockout power or perhaps a Honda NSX for shuriken sharp handling? Or, what about an electric car; smooth and serene, thus allowing them to sneak up on their intended target without being heard? If so, the car ESM has driven today may be the Ninja’s new best friend.

A few weeks ago my mother told me she would be changing her company car. The options were not good. Currently she drives a diesel Mk5 Golf (not even the good 2.0TDi but the ancient engined 1.9TDi version instead), having turned down the option of a VW Jetta (bad move). But the new list consisted of…..a Toyota Prius, or a Toyota Auris Hybrid. This was far, far worse than a rattly diesel Golf.

Luckily, still being of sane mind, my Mam realised how awful the Prius would be and ruled it out straight away. This left only the Auris, all by itself. The Auris is an uneventful car; stout, stable and solid along with being built in Britain. Quite frankly it is the Mark’s & Spencer boxer short of motoring. Something I could see Sir John Major in (the car, not the boxer shorts that is).