Only in France…

…would they eat snails.

There’s probably actually other countries that hold escargot in such high regard, but for the purposes of this blog it’s all about the French.

This week the back windscreen on my girlfriend’s Citroen C2 shattered for no apparent reason. Perhaps she slammed it too hard, perhaps the ice cracked it, perhaps it was attacked by an errant weasel. Who knows. The end result being it needed a new piece of solid sand.

Being a “sporty” model, her car was fitted with a rear spoiler. Which, it turns out, was bolted through the window! Not attached to the roof, not attached to the rear hatch but to the actual piece of glass itself. Replacement glass with said holes are apparently rarer than a Felipe Massa victory, so the little C2 is now sans-spoiler.

Seriously, only in France.

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