Yes, it’s a Panda


Telling people you drive a Fiat Panda seems to produce a number of reactions depending on how much the individual knows about cars.

Those whose automotive knowledge only comes from Top Gear, don’t really care. If Clarkson hasn’t set fire to it or raced it against a nuclear-powered submarine then it’s not important.

When I discuss it with my parents, they remind me of the white original Panda they had back in the 1990s. And how the woman they sold it to failed to master how to start it, meaning my Dad had to spend various mornings firing said Panda into life when it wasn’t even theirs.

And those that read Evo know that they describe it as one of the most fun vehicles available recently.

Having only ever owned VAG products, putting my hard earned cash into something from Italia was a gamble. Yes I know it’ll turn to a pile of bits overnight, but until then it looks like it’ll be damn good fun!

100bhp, 6-speed box, climate control, Bluetooth, 35mpg and that all important sport button. What more could you want?!

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