End Of The Road: The Panda 100HP

Up until owning the Panda 100HP, I’d only ever had VAG products. Three Volkswagens and an Audi to be precise. This presented me with something of an existential crisis as someone heavily opinionated on cars and the motor industry. How could someone who had only owned products of one (albeit huge) manufacturing group, really offer…

I Could Afford That / Classified Dreaming #2

If you’ve somehow managed to avoid all cardshops, department stores or Moonpig adverts recently, then you would’ve missed the fact it was Valentine’s day yesterday. Fortunately I did remember so I’m here to bring forth another installment of I Could Afford That/Classified Dreaming. To perpetuate a very tedious link (for which I apologise profusely) Italy…

It might be a Bank Holiday, but ESM doesn’t sleep.

Well, unless you count the 12 hours of slumber last night/this morning/this afternoon. But that’s not important. What is important is moving this blog forward,and to do so I’m going to introduce the feature categories I intend to update on a regular basis. So without any further ado, here we go: CCIL – Which stands…

The first rule of Engage Sport Mode

1.Do not allow yourself to be overtaken by someone driving a Toyota Prius It doesn’t matter what you drive. If you allow yourself to be overtaken by a Prius, you’re not trying hard enough. Prius owners are smug enough already. Do not further their smugness by letting them believe they have beaten you.

Yes, it’s a Panda

Telling people you drive a Fiat Panda seems to produce a number of reactions depending on how much the individual knows about cars. Those whose automotive knowledge only comes from Top Gear, don’t really care. If Clarkson hasn’t set fire to it or raced it against a nuclear-powered submarine then it’s not important.