Car of the Year: ESM is ahead of the curve

Today the seven cars nominated for the 2012 Car of the Year award were unveiled.To summarise the choices are:

– Chevrolet Volt (hybrid schmybrid),
– Citroen DS5 (seriously?!),
– Fiat Panda (hurrah!),
– Ford Focus (yawn….snore),
– Toyota Yaris (………………),
– Volkswagen Up! (an ESM favourite),

And, finally, what’s this at number seven? Could it be the Range Rover Evoque? Why yes, yes it is! But didn’t you make that ESMCoTY2011 I here you ask? Indeed, very much so.

Like a Prius owner wafting freely through the London Congestion Charge, this writer is rather smug at the moment.

Although, in reality, real CoTY judges prefer cheap Italian superminis. Put money on Mk3 Panda victory.

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