EngageSportMode has returned

Whole numbers of people have noticed a distinct lack of posting on these here pages as of late. To try to address this issue, ESM has prepared a press release to deal with the questions asked. As a template I’ve used the recent example set by Group Lotus. Behold:

False rumour #1:Mr John is no longer CEO of EngageSportMode.
Fact: Rubbish – He’s never been CEO, nobody is.

False rumour #2: Dato’ Sri Syed is no longer Managing Director of Proton.
Fact: ESM doesn’t really know to be honest. We lost interest in Proton years ago when they stopped making the GTi. Try Wikipedia?

False rumour #3: Mr John is JUST an independent journalist.
Fact: Independent journalist is probably pushing it. Guy with a website/blog is probably more accurate really.

False rumour #4: EngageSportMode is no longer involved in F1.
Fact: ESM has watched every race this season. Granted ESM didn’t watch China live, but that’s only because it was nursing a hellish hangover from being out in Covent Garden until 4am. ESM watched the “controversial” race in Bahrain today also, so there.

False rumour #5: EngageSportMode is going into administration.
Fact: Rubbish. ESM paid it’s WordPress fees for a full year back in January.

Breathe, and return to normality. I realise the whole Lotus meltdown press release was a couple of weeks ago now, but I’d been desperately wanting to mention it here on ESM. In all my years of watching the motor industry I don’t think I have ever seen such a hideous media message since the publicity photos for the Ssangyong Rodius.

In all seriousness, I realise I have become somewhat distracted from posting on this blog. Ironically, a lot of that has been due to personal car buying and selling, details of which shall be provided over the next few days. But be in no doubt that ESM is still here, and there certainly wasn’t an incident which involved forgetting passwords.

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