I Just Couldn’t Resist. Sorry.

After the seriousness of yesterday’s up! review, the desire to make a play on words with the new VW was too great.

Volkswagen are clearly already aware of this, just look at the model names they’re already using:

Take up! – Base specification,
Move up! – Next model up with slightly more kit,
High up! – Top of the line, clearly,
e-up! – Electric concept car version (also great for those from Yorkshire).

There’s also two special edition versions which, for reasons I can’t possibly imagine, don’t use the same naming convention:

up! Black,
up! White.

Anyway, to help VW out, here are my own new model suggestions:

up! Hill, Down Dale – Perfect for a 4×4 off-road version.
Open up! – Convertible model.
Lighten up! – A BMW CSL stripped out, lightweight edition.
Power up! – Forget a GT or GTI performance edition, this is the name to call your hot baby-hatch.

What do you think? Any other suggestions, hit the comment button below!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ceri Harger says:

    Man up! – (an alternative name for the GTi Power up! version)
    Souped up! – a model with a vast range of body kits and nitro for the boy racers out there
    Loved up! – a model which comes in hot pink with an array of fluffy pink accessories

  2. Ross Brown says:

    Cock up! – Any model of up! That has been wrapped around a lamppost by it’s owner.

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