Filling The Hole: The Polo

Yesterday I mentioned how I would save the details of the Panda 100HP’s replacement until today. As promised, here is the new contender to fill the (obviously quite petite) shoes left by the baby Fiat:

Yes, like an errant homing pigeon finally finding the coop, I’ve returned to the Volkswagen stable. This 2006 Olympic Blue 9N3 model proved to be the best option when narrowing down the choices.

The biggest issue with being interested in cars and reading lots about them, is that you can pretty much make a pro’s and con’s list for any possible vehicle. So when you come to actually buy one for yourself, it’s possible to become lost in a wall of facts, figures, reviews and recommendations. In a bid to try to see the wood for the trees, I went back to what I know. The Polo.

Being an SE, this has all the niceties I need to deal with a 14 mile daily commute; CD-player, air-conditioning and (importantly after the Panda) a decent ride to soothe my beaten back. With only 80BHP it isn’t particularly fast, managing 0-60mph in 12 seconds and on to a top  speed of around 110. Hardly earth-shattering performance, but certainly less frantic than the Panda and in the real-world not a million miles away either. I’m also hoping the fuel economy will be better due to; a) me being less inclined to thrash it and b) not having the crazily short gearing of the 100HP.

In short, the Polo is a purchase I’ve made mainly with my head, but with a nod to my heart also. Owning a house, maintaining a whippet, and just modern life in general has placed a greater restriction on my ability to pick and choose when it came to car buying. In an ideal world, it’d be a brand-new GTI, a Scirocco R or a Dodge Challenger SRT8. But right now I’m not in a position to have one of those, so the Polo is where it’s at. For now at least.

I also like the fact it’s going to need a little bit of TLC to get it back to it’s best. The previous owner appears to have; washed it with Fairy Liquid, scuffed the front bumper at some point and caused what can only be described as hilariously bad kerbing to those optional 16″ wheels. But all these enabled me to beat the dealer down on pricing, along with giving me something to work on. Happy days.

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