Could Volvo Return to the BTCC?

This week Volvo Australia announced it would be unleashing the S60 Polestar on the V8 Supercar series, in a tie up with the respected Garry Rodgers Motorsport team, to see them on the grid for 2014.

This is actually the Polestar S60 from the Swedish TTA series, but you get the idea.
This is actually the Polestar S60 from the Swedish TTA series, but you get the idea.

Volvo has a history of competing Down Under; the company won the 1986 Australian Touring Car Championship using the 240T and later found victory at Bathurst with a Supertouring specification S40 in 1998. The V8 Supercar Championship is seemingly going from strength to strength with Volvo’s news meaning they will bring the total of manufacturers on the grid to five for next year.

But why does this mean a potential return for Volvo to the British Touring Car Championship? Well, the announcement of Volvo heading to the V8 Supercar Championship was noted by Volvo UK on Twitter with this:


So, EngageSportMode asked this slightly provocative question:


To which Volvo came back with this intriguingly worded message:


Interesting, eh? Granted it isn’t a fully fledged “yes we will be back in the BTCC next year” but, at the same time, it isn’t a “no, definitely not, stop asking these questions” answer. I think the use of “future projects” and “watch this space” all lean towards a suggestion we could see Sweden’s finest back on the grid in the UK. If it’s true, just remember you read it here first.

Thinking about it further, it’s fair to say the time is probably right for Volvo to take on the BTCC again. Recent Polestar concepts such as the 451 bhp C30 PCP and latterly the S60 clearly show that someone in Gothenberg has a performance mindset at the moment. Coupled with the success of the BTCC’s adoption of NGTC in making racing more affordable, myself and ESM’s BTCC correspondent would not be surprised if we saw some Swedish metal on track next season. Although whatever vehicle they use, it’d never be as cool as this:

So remember, if a Volvo materialises in the BTCC next year, were first with the news!

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