Skoda vRS ‘ Mega Man-Pram’ Concept

This might be one best suited to EngageSportMode’s BTCC Correspondent, who is getting ever closer to the birth of his first child!

Skoda vRS Pram 01

Built to celebrate the launch of the new Skoda Octavia vRS, the Czech firm undertook research into just what upgrades new dads would want to see on a pram. According to their research, adding such additions like bigger wheels, hydraulic suspension and large brakes would make them more inclined to get behind the handle of a pram!

As a result, the Mega Man-Pram features 20″ alloy wheels, upsized brakes with brake lights, headlights for night-time use, hydraulic suspension and wing mirrors! It certainly looks more macho than any pram or pushchair I’ve ever seen, though I’m pretty sure it’s not going to fold down neatly into the boot of a car. Also, judging by the size of that front spoiler, just how fast does Skoda expect this thing to be going?! Quick enough to induce baby vomiting I imagine.

Fortunately for newborns everywhere, it remains just a concept. Although EngageSportMode is now off to pitch the idea of “Pimp My Pram” to MTV. Can’t be any worse than Geordie Shore…

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