New Honda NSX Prototype in the wild

In the past few days we’ve featured a couple of articles mentioning the original Honda NSX. Despite the limited commercial success of the first-generation car, and the remnants of an ongoing economic meltdown, Honda believes the time is right for a new NSX. Below is the prototype version, with some snazzy custom graphics:

Honda NSX Prototype01

The prototype, labelled as an Acura to fit with Honda’s American marketing system, will take a bow at the Mid-Ohio Raceway on the 4th of August this year. This will be ahead of the Honda 200 IndyCar race, an event Honda engines have powered the winner to in the last six occurrences.

More significantly, the new NSX is currently being developed by Honda R&D Americas, who happen to be based in the State of Ohio. The actual production car is set to be manufactured in the USA also, at its brand new Performance Manufacturing Centre, when sales begin in 2015.

Honda NSX Concept01
This NSX Concept was first unveiled at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. The prototype looks to have stayed true to the concept’s looks.

This marks a stark contrast to the original NSX, developed in Japan with input from legendary drivers such as Ayrton Senna. However, given that the US was a key market for the first-generation car, it makes sense to build and develop it where it is likely to have the most success.

Honda NSX Concept02
Although badged as a Honda here, the Acura name will be used dependent on the market the car is being sold in.

Full technical details of the new NSX are yet to emerge, but it will retain a lightweight body and mid-engined V6 like its forebear. Similarities will end there. Three electric motors will be involved, with two sending power to the front wheels, effectively giving the car a 4WD system. The third electric motor will be linked in hybrid with the petrol V6 to boost power to the rear wheels. A dual-clutch transmission will attempt to juggle a veritable rat’s nest of power and torque into explosive performance.

EngageSportMode salutes the fact Honda is sticking with the second-generation NSX, despite a time of relative global uncertainty. Here’s hoping it gains the success it truly deserves, and adds some flair to the Honda lineup; something which appears to have gone missing as of late.

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