SEAT Leon Cupra – Extreme Simulator Video

Ok, we’re willing to admit we’re already a bit of a sucker for SEAT UK’s marketing around the new Leon Cupra here at EngageSportMode. But they’ve really outdone themselves with this rather special video:

It’s clever, oh so very clever, and 100% real as far as we’re aware. It also leaves us thinking three things:

  1. On the move, in Emocion Red, the Leon Cupra SC really does look great,
  2. That the whoosh from the turbocharger sounds really quite loud and awesome,
  3. How much we want to try one out!

From what we’ve seen so far, the new Leon Cupra has the potential to be a bit of a hero in the hot hatch market. There’s also the small matter of that Nürburgring record lap time although, according to some sources, there’s a little more vagary to that ‘Performance Pack’ than first reported.

Regardless, the Leon Cupra is still a good-looking – and sounding car – with more than enough performance given the price. Here’s hoping SEAT UK dishes a few more ‘simulator’ rides in the near future!

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