Friday Video – Tame Geek / ESM Audi S1 Sportback quattro Review

You may recall our recent written review of the Audi S1 Sportback quattro, in which we raved about its performance and road holding. However, as part of a collaboration between regular EngageSportMode contributor, The Tame Geek, we also put together a video review of the baby Ingolstadt hot hatch. 

Put simply, this is the completely unscripted discussion and debate, which we had about the car when out and about filming. We also made sure to capture the S1’s addictive engine sound with our onboard recording.


Yes, that is the EngageSportMode office we’re sat in, and yes that’s a model of an Audi quattro rally car just peeking out of shot in the bottom left. We’re planning to bring you more collaboration video reviews in the near future.

Once again, many thanks to Newcastle Audi for making it possible by kindly supplying the S1 Sportback, and much respect to The Tame Geek for his video editing skills!

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