New – The Ferrari FXX K

Own a LaFerrari? Concerned it might not be quick enough? Want to try a special version that’s neither road or track legal, and probably won’t actually be yours to keep? Step right up…

Ferrari FXX K 001

Along with a name that clearly asks for inferences to made to obscenities, the FXX K is the latest offering in Maranello’s ‘Client-Test Driver’ programme. Essentially, you pay a substantial sum of money – let’s imagine at least £2million plus – to be invited to drive ‘your’ FXX K at special Ferrari events. You give Ferrari feedback, they then tune and develop cars based on your input. At the core of it all, you’re essentially paying for the privilege of being a very exclusive lab rat.

Ferrari FXX K 002

But, a lab rat that gets to play with a specially developed 1,035 bhp Ferrari on a race track, living out your fantasies of being Pedro De La Rosa or even Luca Badoer! There’s probably no guarantee you’ll be asked to substitute at a Formula 1 race, like the latter, so perhaps don’t get too carried away with your dreams.

Ferrari FXX K 003

Gaining additional power for both the 6.2 litre V12 engine and HY-KERS hybrid electric system results in the quite ridiculous headline power figure. 848 bhp comes from the internal combustion engine alone, with the KERS providing 187 bhp (equivalent to a new Polo GTI) from the electric motor. The best part of the powertrain? That the V12 engine now runs without silencers. Imagine an unsilenced Ferrari V12; you’re probably thinking somewhere between this and this.

Ferrari FXX K 005

Extra horsepower aside, there’s fairly obvious aerodynamic tweaks such as the fins at the rear end with small wings attached to them. There’s also a new twin-profile front spoiler and larger splitter, which Ferrari states has been created based on lessons learnt from the World Endurance Championship. More extreme side skirts, enhanced rear diffuser, and additional changes result in a 50% increase in downforce with the car in ‘low drag’ setup compared to the regular LaFerrari. At 120 mph the FXX K generates some 540 kgs of downforce! Combined with slick Pirelli tyres, there is the possibility of serious forces at work here. It’s also substantially prettier than the Enzo-based FXX, looking like an idea of the future from 1975.

Ferrari FXX K 004

Realistically, the FXX K is an expensive toy for people who already have a substantial hyper car collection and want an additional pastime to add to their hobbies. That it delivers the rest of us an unsilenced V12 Ferrari is probably something to be thankful for regardless.

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