Friday Photo – End of the Defender

There aren’t many vehicles left in the world that have been in continuous production as long as the Land Rover Defender, and especially not where it’s roots can be traced back over 60 + years. But, come December 2015, the iconic Defender will be no more.

2015 Land Rover Defender 001Iconic is probably a word which gets bandied about far too easily but, in the case of the Defender, is pretty deserved. The fact it can be identified so easily with just a simple line drawing probably shows just how recognisable it’s become. Made at Red Wharf Bay near Anglesey, the 1 km sized sketch was made on the same stretch of beach where the idea for the original Series Land Rover was made.

2015 Land Rover Defender 002To commemorate the end of current Defender production, Land Rover has launched three special edition Defender models, costing from £27,800 to an eye-watering £61,185! The latter being quite far removed from the workhorse idea of the original Land Rover! We’ll cover the three special editions in more detail next week, but for now let’s just celebrate a rather epic drawing. Oh, and it was made with Land Rovers, of course:

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