UPDATED – Ford GT Inspired Design Objects – Gallery

Although it has a turbocharged engine in place of a huge V8, and also comes fitted with a two-spoke steering wheel, ESM can’t help but like the new Ford GT. It’s a seriously good-looking car. So the idea of objects inspired by it sounds like a great one.

2015 New Ford GT 001

Don’t be mislead into believing there’ll be a V6 powered alarm clock or turbocharged lampshade amongst this assortment of objects. No, the clue is very much in the ‘inspired by’ part of the tagline. How else could you end up with a collection that encompasses things as diverse as a boat to a chaise lounge?!

Inspired by Ford GT: Guitar
Performance Blue guitar does look cool.

Clarity, innovation and connection are the three central concepts that Ford has channeled in creating these objects, which will be on show at the 2015 Salone del Mobile in Milan. In case you’re wondering Salone del Mobile is really just a posh way of saying Milan Furniture Fair. Picture something like a very expensive SCS or Furniture Village and you’re on the right line.

Inspired by Ford GT: Chaise Lounge
Swoopy chaise lounge

We’re not quite sure how a boat fits into a furniture convention, or a guitar for that matter, but anyway some of the GT inspired objects are really quite cool. Others less so:

Next week, we’ll be bringing you a range of crockery inspired by the new Honda NSX, and wallpaper influenced by the Teutonic rigour of the Audi R8. Perhaps.

UPDATE: We didn’t have to wait too long in fact. Mazda has shown off a bike featuring design elements from the MX-5 roadster, and a sofa  with a similar stance to the forthcoming CX-3. The mind truly boggles.

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