News – Special 2,000,000th Edition Land Rover Defender

In case you didn’t know, Land Rover will end production of the iconic Defender model in its existing format this year. With roots stretching back some 67 years, they’re hardly keeping quiet about it in Solihull.

2015 Land Rover Defender 2M Edition 001Since production began back in 1948, Land Rover has managed to knock together some two million examples of the all-conquering Series/Defender vehicle. That covers everything from the primordial Series I, through to the modern-day Defender. Things have changed quite a bit in those several decades, with the Land Rover moving from agricultural farm vehicle to slightly less agricultural urban object.

To commemorate this, Land Rover has decided to auction off this special 2,000,000th Edition Defender, with money raised to go to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, and the Born Free Foundation. A variety of celebrities, adventurers and charity workers were invited to help build the 2m Defender, including Bear Grylls. He seemingly managed to avoid drinking his own urine for long enough to fit the rather lovely Santorini Black alloy wheels to the Defender.

For something that is meant to epitomise all things Defender, the modifications for the 2,000,000th Edition are a little bit… tame. The main theme is Red Wharf Bay, where the original design for the Land Rover was sketched in the sand. A map of the Bay is etched into the aluminium fender, and features again on the leather seats and even interior door handles. It makes it look a little like a Game of Thrones fan has got carried away, if we’re being completely honest.

With Indus Silver satin paint contrasted against black wheel arches, roof, door hinges, grille and mirror caps the 2m Edition does look smart. But it doesn’t look very different to anything a number of Land Rover modifiers are churning out right now. Obviously LR has already announced three special versions to celebrate the end of the current Defender, but you can’t help but think they could have pushed the boat out a little more.

The 2,000,000th Edition will be on show at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this week, where ESM will be too. After a further series of publicity events, the 2,000k will be auctioned off by Bonhams on the 16th December.

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