Friday Video – Three Dodge ‘Predators’ Stalk Miami

You know the deal. EngageSportMode loves the Dodge Hellcat twins. We can’t quite believe it’s a year since the ridiculously over-horsepowered Challenger and Charger appeared, but, in case we forgot, Dodge has a new video advert.

2015 Dodge_Predators_Hellcats 001

We don’t want to spoil the surprise, so here’s the video. Go watch it, and then you can read our thoughts on it after the jump:

Following the Mötley Crüe soundtrack of the original 707bhp monsters, the use of Phil Collins seems a bit downbeat. It probably doesn’t help that, in the UK at least, there’s a tendency to associate “In the Air Tonight” with that Dairy Milk advert from a few years ago. But either way, after heavy metal rock, Uncle Phil makes for a quieter but still haunting soundtrack.

Although, with the two Hellcats and the SRT Viper GTS, there’s 2,059 all-American horsepower on offer, so music should be the least of our concerns. Featuring driving that would clearly make British advertising regulators convulse, Dodge has truly shown off its performance offerings as dramatically as possible.

It’s no coincidence that the Detroit brand is launching this new commercial campaign on Fourth of July weekend. It’s harder to get more ‘MERICA than a supercharged muscle car doing doughnuts in an empty container port. We’re a little amazed that there’s no bald eagles or fireworks thrown in, but that would just be silly. Obviously.

Our favourite fact from the press release accompanying ‘Predators’ is that Dodge had to use another Hellcat for camera duties, as nothing else was quick enough to keep up. Oh, and the alligator that morphs into the Challenger Hellcat was filmed in ‘real life’ on the shoot too.

Whilst it’s easy to dismiss it as frivolity, Dodge (and FCA) have been through some tough times in the past few years. So to see the brand having the confidence to show off halo models like these in a big advertising campaign is good news. That it involves tyre (or tire) shredding, drift action is a bonus.

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