New Metal – Lamborghini Hurácan LP580-2

In his first article as a full-fledged member of the ESM team, Ned Jasper gives us the lowdown on a new Lambo. Meet the Huracán LP580-2; less power, less weight, and a whole lot more fun.

2015 Lamborghini Hurácan LP580-2Lamborghini, a company famed for bonkers styling, ludicrous power outputs and more recently for making cars with all-wheel drive only. Well not anymore! This is the new Lamborghini Huracán LP580-2, and the keen Lambo nerds amongst you will soon spot the ‘-2’ refers to the number of wheels it’s putting its power through.

As well as ditching the cumbersome all-wheel-drive system, they’ve tweaked the aero, docked the power output and cut the price, all of which is an attempt to make the Huracán a more driver-focused machine.

The front end has been scored, sculptured and moulded into a more menacing shape. The rear has been altered too, with larger grilles and even more absurd quad-tip exhausts. The aim is to increase the downforce on the front end in order to compensate for the now lack of 4WD grip. In addition to that, there’s some new ‘Kari’ design wheels – 19″ on the front, 20″ on the back – which are wrapped in tailor-made Pirelli P Zero tyres developed solely for the rear wheel drive edition.

2015 Lamborghini Hurácan LP580-2Now, I know it may seem a little traitorous for Lamborghini to be cutting the power down from 602 bhp to JUST 571. But there’s good reason for it, when you consider there’s the best part of 600 bhp putting its power down through an area the size of just over an A4 piece of paper it seems a lot more logical – I think you’ll agree.

The weight is down too, thanks to the omission of that pesky AWD system. The dry weight figure has been lessened by 73lbs (33kg) to 3,062lbs (1,389kg). And all those pounds are placed in the car in a strategic way, there’s a 40/60 front to rear weight distribution, which can then be altered in your preferred driving mode; Strada (that’s street to you and me), Sport, and Corsa (race) all of which are adjusted to provide oversteering characteristics.

2015 Lamborghini Hurácan LP580-2
Note the lack of a manual gear lever. 580-2 is dual-clutch paddles only.

As you would expect, due to the drop in power, the top speed has been deflated to a ‘mere’ 199mph, and the 0-62 time has been heightened to 3.4 seconds – still outrageously quick by any means. But, before we get bogged down by the fact that it’s slower and less grippy than a standard LP610-4, let’s remember that this is the ‘drivers car’. A machine designed not for outright speed, or to achieve the highest numbers on the dyno, but a car for the driver to savour, connect to, and most of all enjoy. Just as a Lamborghini should be. Lamborghini’s boss Stephen Winkelmann said: “it’s a serious car for serious drivers” which just about sums it up really.

Now, I could take this time to explain that the LP580-2 is both more economical and greener than its AWD counterparts – 0.7mpg and 12g/km in case you were wondering. But let’s face it, you want one, I want one, we all want one, and here’s the good bit, the LP580-2 is considerably cheaper than its relatives.

2015 Lamborghini Hurácan LP580-2There’s no word on UK pricing just yet, but the European price is $150,000 plus taxes, and at current exchange rates that works out at just £105,000 – plus taxes of course. While that may be far out of reach for the most of us, it’s dirt cheap in for a special edition Lamborghini. So it might be worth selling a limb for

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