News – Individual Paint Colours for BMW i8

Here at ESM we quite like the BMW i8, but the colour choices have been a little bit uninspiring for a car that’s meant to shout ‘FUTURE’ in huge capital letters. BMW now seems to have remedied that situation with some new options.2016 BMW i8 Individual Paint Yes, as of right now you can order your hybrid supercar in a variety of special Individual colour schemes. Ranging from the footballer-favourite Frozen (read matt) Grey or Black, through to the ESM-pleasing Solar Orange, Speed Yellow, Twilight Purple and Java Green. There’s also the option of San Marino Blue – often found upon BMW M products – and Grigio Telesto, which is more commonly used on Lamborghinis.

It’s not cheap, however, as choosing a BMW Individual colour will add £5,495 to the cost of the £104,540 i8. If only that pesky government hadn’t made the i8 ineligible for a plug-in car grant you could have effectively had your fancy paintwork for free. Also, call us cynical, but this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a premium German manufacturer offering outrageous colours for high-end cars.

Mercedes G-Class

Last year Mercedes-Benz launched a range of ‘Crazy’ colours to decorate your G-Class with – some of which look rather similar to those offered by BMW. Coincidence, we’re sure, but it does now mean you can have an eco-conscious hybrid to match your CO2-spewing AMG SUV.

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