Hennessey Mammoth 6×6 | For when a 2021 Ram TRX is not enough

Bigger is undoubtedly better when it comes to the American pickup truck market. Hennessey Performance seems intent on surpassing all others with the ridiculous Mammoth 6×6.
Hennessey Mammoth 6x6 TRX

Typically, the question as to whether the world needs a six-wheel drive pickup, powered by a 1,200hp engine would seem unnecessary. Yet here in 2020, nothing really seems to make sense anymore. So say hello to the Hennessey Performance Mammoth 6×6.

Dodge only announced the Hellcat-powered 2021 Ram TRX last month – and has already sold all the 702 Launch Edition models planned for production. That has not stopped Texas-based Hennessey from planning to make the latest Mopar truck even wilder.

The company has previously produced modified six-wheel drive versions of the Ford Raptor and Chevrolet Silverado, making the Ram TRX a natural progression.

Hennessey Mammoth 6x6 TRX

In building the Ram TRX, Dodge has already created what it claims to be the fastest and most powerful mass-production pickup truck in the world. The Hellcat 6.2-l supercharged Hemi V8 offers 702 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque, with the ability to hit 0-60mph in just 4.5 seconds.

This is clearly not enough for Hennessey. Lurking beneath the hood of the Mammoth 6×6 is a suitably huge engine, in the form of the Mopar Hellephant crate motor. The 426-cubic inch (7.0-l) supercharged Hemi develops 1,000hp and 950lb-ft from the factory.

For most people, a four-digit power output should be more than sufficient. However, Hennessey intends to boost the engine further to deliver an insane 1,200hp.

Hennessey Mammoth 6x6 TRX

Some of the extra horsepower will be needed to overcome the effect of the six-wheel drive layout. The setup will be similar to that used by Hennessy on its 6×6 Chevrolet Goliath and Ford VelociRaptor conversions.

Although the six-wheel drive system can offer improved performance in the desert, even Hennessey admits that looking cool is a big part of the appeal.

Hennessey will install a new custom truck bed, complete with upgraded suspension and LED lighting. The company will also fit a bespoke interior, along with custom front and rear bumpers.

Hennessey Mammoth 6x6 TRX

Opting for a Mammoth 6×6 will take a considerable amount of money, and a lengthy wait. The six-wheeler will be the most expensive Hennessey product ever built, costing an extravagant $500,000. This does at least include the $69,995 price of the base Ram TRX.

Hennessey will only make three examples of the Mammoth, and expects to deliver the first finished vehicle in summer 2021.

According to company founder and CEO John Hennessey, the Mammoth 6×6 is ” just a completely ridiculous idea, which is exactly why we are doing this”. If you have the cash to fund such craziness, call Hennessey Performance now.

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