Brand New -The SEAT Leon ST Estate

If you happened to like the SEAT Leon featured in yesterday’s review by The Tame Geek, but worried it wouldn’t be suitable for carrying labradors or wardrobes, then fear not. SEAT had already preempted your concerns, and can now allay them with this:SEAT Leon ST 01

That right there is the newly announced Leon Sport Tourer (or ST for short), (more…)

Tame Geek Review – SEAT Leon FR 2.0 TDI

Some say he manages to get behind the wheel of more new cars than The Stig. All we know is he’s called The Tame Geek, and tonight he’s feeling all Catalonian.

2013 SEAT Leon FR 2.0 TDI 

2013 SEAT Leon FR 00

What! The Tame Geek is going to review another car from the Volkswagen Group? Yes, but hold on! This is important, as it’s actually some consumer advice too!

So, as these things often go, and act of providence brought this car to me and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a good long spin.

Having reviewed the new Audi A3 already, many would say what’s the difference considering they are both based on the MQB? Well the differences are subtle in some respects and vast in others. (more…)

Friday Photo From the Archives #5

Continuing with the theme of ESM’s BTCC correspondent, here is a (fairly) recent photo of our two cars chilling out together:


A few similarities; both black, both VW-group, both petrol-turbo and both with motorsport pedigree. Our correspondent’s is the rather rare Seat Leon TFSI, which existed for only a short period of time in the first year of this model’s life, before the introduction of the FR trim level. With 185bhp from the 2.0 turbo motor it’s no slouch, just don’t talk to him about fuel economy! Or the drawbacks of black paintwork.