Brand New -The SEAT Leon ST Estate

If you happened to like the SEAT Leon featured in yesterday’s review by The Tame Geek, but worried it wouldn’t be suitable for carrying labradors or wardrobes, then fear not. SEAT had already preempted your concerns, and can now allay them with this:SEAT Leon ST 01

That right there is the newly announced Leon Sport Tourer (or ST for short), which takes the regular five-door Leon hatchback and adds 27 cm to give a humongous boot. With the seats up its got 590 litres of room and, if you fold those chairs flat, you’ve got almost 1,500 litres to fill. EngageSportMode has never measured furniture or dogs in litres, but we’re presuming the above gives space for quite a few of either.

Estate cars based on regular hatchbacks sometimes run the risk of looking a bit gawky, but SEAT seems to have made the Leon look actually rather stylish. Those wheels look rather cool too, in an almost aftermarket style.

SEAT Leon ST 002

Offered with the regular range of Leon engines, starting with the 84 bhp 1.2 TSI petrol, progressing all the way through to the 181 bhp 2.0 TDI diesel in FR trim. Will there be a full-fat Cupra version? Who knows – perhaps SEAT would be wary of stealing sales from VAG stable mate Skoda with the Octavia vRS estate.

Either way, the new Leon Sport Tourer is a suitably handsome estate car, and should prove to be something of a bargain for the space offered, if the regular Leon pricing is anything to go by.

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