New 2015 Honda NSX on track – Video

Previously on EngageSportMode we brought you pictures of the new prototype Honda – or Acura if you’re in the USA – NSX. Tonight, through the wonders of the Internet, we can bring you it in motion!

It certainly doesn’t sound like a muted hybrid, with the direct-injection V6 making sure the new NSX sounds as equally sonorous as its predecessor. Although it’s only a short clip, you can start to see just what the Super-Handling All Wheel Drive system might be capable of, especially in the wet.

2015 Honda NSX Prototype 009

The NSX prototype took to the track just before yesterday’s Honda Indy 200 IndyCar race at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, close to the new Performance Manufacturing Centre where the car will be built.

We’re still a while away from the final finished product, but it seems safe to say the new NSX looks and sounds as exciting as we would hope. Whether it can gain the cult following of the original remains to be seen although, thankfully, hybrid systems seem to have done little to dampen its spirit.

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