Friday Photo from the Archive #13

Audi UK would like us all to know that tomorrow is the Winter Solstice – the shortest day of the year. To celebrate this occasion, it took cars from its model range out in the dark to create some rather fancy looking pictures.

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Audi hasn’t just used December 21st as an excuse to make pretty pictures – it’s also using tomorrow’s less than eight hours daylight to remind us that their range comes ‘well equipped’ for the darkest weeks. The photos have been produced using ‘light painting’, where exposures are made by moving a hand-held light source or camera to illuminate certain parts of the car or to create light trails around it. We agree the pics look cool, but a Group B Audi Sport S1 quattro with full competition-spec spotlights is maybe a better reminder. But we’ll indulge Audi UK on this occasion.

Audi Sport S1 quattro

It does, however, link neatly to Audi’s latest racing car which was unveiled this week and features a cutting edge lighting solution. No longer satisfied with xenon gas discharge or LED setups, Audi Sport has equipped the R18 e-tron quattro Le Mans racer with laser lights. Yes, as Dr. Evil might say, a car with a ‘frickin’ laser beam’ attached to it!

The new 2014 R18. Don't stare directly at the headlights!
The new 2014 R18. Don’t stare directly at the headlights!

Audi showed off the R18’s new lighting at its ‘Audi Sport Finale’ event, where it also celebrated its successes in DTM and GT racing during 2013. The new LMP racer was shown to the world with an accompanying laser light show, as a graphic reminder of the cars new technology. The R18’s headlights of a blue laser beam that backlights a yellow phosphorus crystal lens, the emitted light beam is said to be clearer and more ‘homogenous’ according to Audi.

'Audi Sport Finale' event, with Allan McNish DJ'ing on the decks. Maybe.
‘Audi Sport Finale’ event, with Allan McNish DJ’ing on the decks. Maybe.

As with most race-proven tech, expect it to filter through to road cars in the near future. Which means you’ll be able to look toward to being dazzled by a laser light equipped A4, hanging inches off your rear bumper, one day soon.

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