Friday Video – BMW M4 “Ultimate Racetrack”

Should it still really be called the M3, does it matter that it’s turbocharged, can you love a car that has synthesised engine noises? All important questions when discussing the new BMW M3 M4. 

2014 BMW M4 Coupé 001

However, watch this video that we found on YouTube posted by BMW Canada, and you should find those questions float away into obscurity.

After that, the bigger issues are of course:

  • Who on earth dreamt that up as an advertising concept?
  • How much money did BMW spend digitally creating a racetrack to appear on an aircraft carrier?
  • That’s a manual M4 – where’s the “flappy paddle” M Double Clutch Transmission which everyone will probably buy?
  • Does it really sound that good, despite the turbocharged/synthesised/organicdoublelatte exhaust engineering?

Honestly, we’re not sure on any of the above, but thank you BMW Canada, eh.


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