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ESM cares about blogging, and about encouraging others.. So when young blogger Ned Jasper contacted us, and asked if we would feature some of his work, we said yes because that’s the kind of people we are. Being a blogger isn’t always easy but, as a community, we should be doing what we can to support each other. He’s already had a dream garage featured on Pistonheads, but this post is about new metal. So, take it away Ned:

The New 7 Series: A luxo-barge we should actually be excited about?

2016 BMW 7 Series G11-G12 001

The 7 Series has been flagging for a while in the luxury car sector recently. It was the second choice over the S-Class and more recently the Audi A8 as well. But, BMW has had another crack at the job, and it appears that they might have got it right.

Upon first glance, the 7 Series looks more evolutionary than revolutionary, but this is not the case. The new car is said to be a huge leap for the brand, and that market sector, respectively.

2016 BMW 7 Series G11-G12 002The Looks
Firstly the stuff you can see. The new car (codenamed G11, and G12 as the LWB) has a smorgasbord of alterations and tweaks. It has a sharper more elegant front end, a less aggressive, shallower Hofmeister kink and, like the 2014 concept, it has a classy silver strip running along the bottom of the doors. It appears that with this car BMW is aiming for the more upmarket almost beautiful design rather than the strong powerful stance of the previous model.

2016 BMW 7 Series G11-G12 003The Internals
Next, the stuff you can’t see. The car has been on a bit of a diet; 
by doing so BMW has shaved a whopping 130kg in weight, taking 
it down to around 1,700kg depending on model and spec. This is
 down to the new, and very high-tech, carbon core structure as 
seen in the i3 and i8. This is quite an amazing feat because the 
new car is more than an inch longer than its predecessor.

the bit we all want to know about: the engine or engines. The 
most common engine available is the 730d, a 3-litre twin turbo
diesel unit which produces 261bhp and 457lb of torque. That’s all
 very good, but we’re more interested in the quick one: the 750i X-
drive. The most noticeable change between this 750 and the last one is the introduction of X-drive (or four-wheel drive to you and me). This should provide better safety, efficiency and more importantly, performance. With the new four-wheel drive and some other small modifications like the higher compression ratio and twin scroll turbos the new car can get to 0-62 MPH in just 4.4 seconds; that’s M3 worryingly quick.

2016 BMW 7 Series G11-G12 006

If that’s still not quick enough then BMW should have you covered. In an attempt to compete with the likes of the Audi S8 and Merc S63, BMW is rumoured to be making a 7 series with an M badge. That said, there’s no word on whether that will be the M7 or M750i or what engine it will use, though the suspicion is that a heavily modified V8 plucked from the M5 will be the choice.

2016 BMW 7 Series G11-G12 Interior 005

The Features
With a car like this it would be a crime not to include any new tech; luckily BMW hasn’t let us down. The options that really stand out are: a heated package, which 
includes not only the seats and the wheel, but also the arm rests! 
This I suppose is for when you want to go to the sauna, but simply don’t have time.

As well as that, there’s the ‘laser high beams’ for when you want to turn traffic jams to dust, a fifth-generation i-Drive system, and instrument dials that change colour depending on your driving mode. That means that when you ‘engage Sport mode‘ things will glow red, and become even more exciting.

So, is it all enough to make the 7 Series come top of the luxury saloon market? From
 the looks of it yes; fast, powerful, good-looking, and above all else, luxurious; just as it should be. Expect to see them on the roads from October 24th this year.

If you liked this and want to read more work visit my blog: Ned Jasper Car Blog


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