Friday Photo – Infiniti Q30 rolls out in Sunderland

ESM is rejoicing at the fact the roads of the North East might now be populated with a new car – the locally built Infiniti Q30.

2015 Infiniti Q30 NMMUK 001When you live close to a Nissan plant that employs almost 7,000 people, every commute in the region involves the now subconscious spotting of Juke, Note, Leaf and Qashqai models. Be it on transporters heading to the Port of Tyne, or just frequenting the roads and car parks around the North East, there’s no getting away from the impact of having a major motor manufacturer in the local area. 

The launch of the Infiniti Q30 represents another big step for the manufacturer, as the premium hatchback goes into full production at the Sunderland plant. If anything, it’ll make a change from the ranks of Qashqais and Jukes at least.

2015 Infiniti Q30 NMMUK 002Although we jest, another model for the NMMUK factory is hugely important for the economy of the region. ESM looks forward to subliminally spotting them in the near future…

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