Friday Photo – A Streetcar Named Hyundai

How do you celebrate a 10th anniversary? Cake, flowers? Well, if you’re Hyundai Motor UK, you drive a hydrogen fuel cell car around London to make this impressive photo:

2015 A Streetcar Named Hyundai

That’s not just any picture of Oxford Street. Oh no, that’s a mosaic created from over 500,000 photos taken during the 50 day driving challenge as the Hyundai ix35 Streetcar roamed the capital. Special software was used to collate them all into the finished item, measuring an impressive 6m x 2m in size. We’re pretty sure you can’t just hang that over your mantelpiece!

2015 A Streetcar Named Hyundai
ESM could have taken part in the challenge, but some wedding got in the way…
The route followed the 2,092 miles of London streets as defined by the traditional cab driver ‘knowledge’. With the camera shutter set to snap based on speed, angle and distance, photos were taken every 6-7 seconds throughout the continuous journey. It wasn’t all just still images, however, as the ix35 also recorded video that has been turned into a time-lapse movie.

2015 A Streetcar Named Hyundai
Able to cover 370 miles on a single fill, the ix35 hydrogen fuel cell car keeps it clean
Fitting in with the ten year anniversary, is the announcement that Hyundai has now produced its millionth vehicle for the UK since the brand was first introduced in 1982. With the UK buying over 82,000 Hyundai models last year alone, the speed at which the brand has accelerated in this market over the past decade is considerable. Oh, and to celebrate that 1,000,000th car, Hyundai is running a competition to win a brand-new Tucson. Having driven the Tucson this year, ESM can confirm that it’s a pretty decent prize.

So well done Hyundai on selling many cars, and also for producing a rather cool mosaic photo. Good work.

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