Friday Video: 2016 Audi Sport R8 Advert ‘Spin’

We never really feel the need to justify posting anything to do with the Audi R8 here at ESM, and we just can’t escape the mesmerising attraction of the latest advert.Audi R8 V10 plus

Whilst previous R8 adverts have concentrated on the epic power and glorious sounds of the R8’s V10 engine, the latest video is apparently all about control. Perhaps Audi are rather sick of people complaining about their adverts and trying to get them banned, hence the “speed isn’t everything tagline’ from the new ‘Spin’ commercial. Clearly it isn’t glamourising speed – that R8 appears to be moving very slowly round and round in a circle. Plus it does have a soundtrack featuring Dusty Springfield which is hardly the music for some crazy driving antics. Perhaps Dusty Spinfield would be a more appropriate name. Anyway, decide for yourself here:

We’re fans, but it’ll never top our favourite R8 advert, which somebody did try to have banned in the UK would you believe? We’re glad they failed. No doubt there’ll be complaints to the ASA about ‘Spin’ also, so enjoy whilst you can.

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