News: Lexus RC F – Crowdsourced paint colour name

Rather than just dip into the regular big book of paint clichés, Lexus decided to take a slightly more different tactic with the forthcoming RC F coupe when it came to picking colour names.

2014 Lexus RC F Solar Flare

In a thoroughly modern Web2.0, social media, #trend way, it asked Facebook to come up with a name for the distinctive orange hue. From the hundred suggested – knowing Facebook probably only about 12 were legible or legal – the name ‘Solar Flare’ was picked as the winner. We like, but then it is bright orange so we’d like it at EngageSportMode even if it was called ‘Satsuma Surprise’ or something. No Dulux, you’re not having that last suggestion!

Set to go on sale in the UK at the end of the year, ‘Solar Flare’ will become a genuine colour choice for buyers of the RC F. Whether anyone is brave enough to tick the box for it is another question! We hope they do, as it suits the 450 bhp V8 coupe pretty damn well. But, knowing UK buyers, everyone will probably plump for dark blue or black. Sigh.

The last Lexus coupe was ESM’s beloved LFA with its wailing V10 engine. We’re hoping the RC F can capture some of the spirit of the LFA when it finally hits the road, although it might not be able to recreate the spine-tingling sound it makes.


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