Friday Video – Land Rover London Takeover

Thanks, Land Rover. The end of Defender production as we know it had already brought a tear to our eye, and then you go and drop this wonderful film on the world. 

Land Rover Defender 2m

To promote the auction of the special 2,000,000th Defender at Bonhams next week, Land Rover has created this beautiful short video jam-packed with numerous Easter Eggs and knowing winks. The Lode Lane Gazette, “90 Solihull” as the bus number, even the Wilks-Bros. Bakery – established in 1948 – we know what you’re doing, and you’re making us sad! Watch for yourself and see how many Land Rover nods to history you can spot. Five points if you get the Huey reference:

It’s a brilliant celebration of an iconic vehicle, and one that will cause some emotion for anyone who has experienced owning, or just driving, a Defender/Series Land Rover. For ESM’s Editor, a Defender 90 was the car they first learnt to drive in. Despite hating it at first, it’s a car they now treasure. There are countless other stories like that, which shows just how much the Defender and its predecessors have played an important part in so many lives.

If you want to own ‘Defender 2,000,000’ you’ll need to get yourself along to Bonhams, at New Bond Street, on Wednesday 16th December. Just remember it’ll most probably still leak, it’ll undoubtedly rust, and you’ll still smack your elbow on the window when twirling the steering wheel. But that’s all just part of the charm. Plus the proceeds are going to charity, so you can feel good about that as well.

Anyway, we need to go as there’s something in our eye, honest…

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