Friday Photo from the archives #8

Today’s Friday Photo from the archives is a little bit of a cop-out, as it’s a car already featured previously. Yes, it’s that infamous Audi S3:


It’s featured today for no reason other than it was exactly five years ago to date (July 19th 2008) that I collected the money-pit which would be my 225 bhp S3. Looking back, the weather in Gateshead Quays that fateful Saturday certainly doesn’t look as good as today. This photo confirms the temperature was far more reasonable too:


The illuminated Engine Management Warning light looks familiar, but then the S3 had to just thrown itself into “limp-mode” after less than 7 miles.

Safe to say it’s probably still out there, somewhere, causing people problems. I wouldn’t fancy sitting on those black leather Recaro seats in this weather, but the drug-dealer style tinted windows might come in handy.

Enjoy your heatwave weekend!

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